Renegade Tattoo Piercing Budapest

Renegade Tattoo studio has been one of the long outstanding colours on the Hungarian tattoo scene. The studio’s spirit captivates all our visitors and clients, as it wings them back from today’s fast-paced world into the 50’s America, like a time machine. The studio has become one of the most frequented tattoo parlours in town for the adepts and lovers of body art, due to its unique, classic design and atmosphere, and the variety of talents who have been working here throughout the years, like Bear, Psycho Balázs and many other talented tattoo artists. Since the beginning of our existence, all the sections of society underwent our needles.

Adam “Painbrush” Molnar’s, Sandor Huszar’s, Ignacz Bence’s and Viktoria Kasza’s, Anna Barath’s excellent artwork further enhances our parlour’s reputation.

Often one can see Harleys and American cars showing up outside, while the spirit of James Dean, the “rebel without a cause” is fighting with the Wild One of Marlon Brando inside the store. You can even wear the flirty smile of Betty Page or Marilyn Monroe. In the meanwhile, Sony Barger, with his big red machine will bring the past into the future.

“Make the world more beautiful, get tattooed!”

Looking forward to meet you all: Chris, Adam, Sanyi, Bence, and Samantha